The most random dream

I’ve just been woken by Max crying from the most random dream.

I dreamt Russia had declared war on the UK.

How strange.

It did start me thinking thou about war and what we would do if it ever comes to that. Then that lead me to thinking how others would cope.  Like the much younger generation. How will they survive once the WiFi signals gone and they can’t access social media. Maybe I’m being mean maybe they’re more savvy than I’m giving them credit for. 

I’ve been incredibly lucky I’ve never had to go thru war in my lifetime.

I hope I never do.

What would we do where would we go. What about all the underground bunkers from ww2 (correct me if I’m wrong history isn’t my strongest subject). Should we be stock piling food and tinned goods.

I can totally see how mass panics starts  so I think il go back to sleep now. Hopefully my dreams won’t be filled with bombs and devastation.


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