Lets talk about dummies

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When your baby is screaming blue murder and it’s 2 am, trust me you will do anything to pacify them. How many mummy’s I wonder, swore they would never give their baby a dummy and have?

We never ruled outgiving Max a dummy. Preferably I wanted to wait until he really needed it.

For us it didn’t quite work out that way. It wasn’t the end of the world though. If he needs the extra comfort (whether it be a dummy or a thumb) then I will give it to him.

We really have tried every brand out there from the well-known big brands to the more budget friendly supermarket ones. We have always loved the MAM soothers but as they tend to be slightly higher in price we tend to have these as a treat.

Max (and mummy) were over the moon when MAM sent us some new ones…

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