What was in my hospital bag!

An oldie but a goodie for the new mums to be out there.

Max and Kai The Blog

My hospital bag waspart packed at 36 weeks and luckily so, as Maximus was born at 37 weeks and 5 days. A lot of first time mums aren’t sure of what they should be packing in the hospital bag (I just winged it). The idea is not to under pack or over pack, so below is a list of the main bits I packed. These are things that were needed and what I couldn’t have done without.

Mums Bag

  • Bath Towel – My hospital didn’t offer bath towels. After the birth I had a case of jelly legs and couldn’t have a shower, so instead I had some midwife sponge me down (you really do lose all dignity in child birth!). At that point I was too tired to care. I’d recommend taking a towel for your body and one for your hair.
  • Toiletries – In other words your tooth…

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