Time for a good old fashioned moan

Ohhhh I love a good rant. I’ve not been to bad with it lately but here’s what’s pissing me off this week:

* Sickness. I’m talking coughs and coughs that are spread through the whole family. Bloody germs. Then just when your over it you come into contact with somebody else who has a cold or cough and BAM your right back where you fucking started.

* Morning sickness. So everyone loves a bit of the old MORNING NOON AND NIGHT sickness in the first trimester. It’s the only time your happy to throw your guts up but come on at 16 and a half weeks it can do one now!!!!

* Toothbrushes. We have a toothbrush holder that is situated on the sink in the bathroom right next to the taps. Do you think my hubby puts his toothbrush in the holder ooooo nooooo he puts it right next to it. So every morning I pick it up and put it in the fricking holder.

* The weather. I’m so over winter. Can we please just have some dry days so I can take my boy to the park.

* Being excluded. We recently had our first real taste of party exclusion. It feels like being back at school. Maybe were just not cool enough. Anyway it’s not all bad one less thing to stress over and once max hits nursery I’m sure hel have loads of pals.

That’s enough moaning for one morning. I should really be sleeping while I have the chance.


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