Softplay shenanigans

Today we went to softplay with max’s cousin and aunt. We don’t usually go to softplay. It seems silly to spend sometimes up to a fiver when Max doesn’t really get much out of it.

I’m glad we went today he really enjoyed it. The area for the under 3’s or in this case under 3.5 ft (God help you if you have a tall child) was slightly pants. It consisted of a slide,a ball pit and a few soft cubes. This venue only charged  £3.00 which was reasonable but for what was avaliable is day light robbery.

There was all sort of kids there,some friendly some not so much. These sort of places I find a mind field when a kids being mean what do you do,it’s not really my place to tell someone else’s child off. Although if any child hurts my boy I would def speak up.

What are your experiences at places like softplay.


This was Max on the way home all that fun tuckered him out 🙂


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