Being a parent is more than a facebook picture

I’ve noticed recently on good old facecrap new parents posting pics of there lovely little munchkins all looking perfect and themselves looking perfectly groomed.

Don’t get me wrong I’m guilty as charged for posting pics of max but I really do think oh my God fuck off.

Being a parent is more than putting cutesy pictures on social media. Where’s the real life pics that’s what I want to know.

Where’s the pics of the sleep deprived mother living in her pj’s with unbrushed hair ( this was totally how I lived for the first 3 months).

Being there for your kid is being there for the sleepless nights and the shitty nappies. It’s cuddling your baby till they fall asleep and making sure their feed,watered and generally kept alive.

I think we could all do with a facebook reality check.

I will absolutely post some pics on here of myself looking slightly deranged just to prove my point.

I say have no shame in reality it’s just as good as the fantasy some try to project.

*just to add, if anyone is feeling offended by my post it’s not meant to be judging any one mother or father. It’s merely my opinion. I have also edited my comment about being a good parent to just parent I was not trying to suggest that parents that look fantastic or post cute pictures of there kids are bad parents*


3 thoughts on “Being a parent is more than a facebook picture

  1. Just because some mother post “cutesy” photos, doesn’t mean they aren’t a good mother. Maybe you need a reality check. I’m also a mother and I understand all about sleepless nights and shitty diapers, but that doesn’t mean every time I post a pic of my child or myself, I have to look deranged. Quit judging us mothers who actually like to get up, freshen up and feel good WHILE mothering. It’s not a “Fantasy” we try to project. Some of us just get tired of feeling like crap all day long.


    • I think you need a reality check yourself luv. If i had the opportunity to post pictures of meself looking fresh and ready for the day then believe me I would. But that just ain’t the case. For those who can well done have a sticker. For those of us that can’t so what. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion, which is all my sister was doing. Voicing her opinion. Mothers should be united when it comes to parenthood, not point scoring.


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