First trip of the year to Greenwich park

After the horrendous rain and wind from last night I was surprised to see sunshine when I opened the curtains this morning.

If you live in the UK then you really can’t take a dry sunny day for granted. Off to the park we went.

It was to be expected that the car park was rammo. Everyone was trying to fit into the last spot. Luckily after some circling we found a spot (we were ready to fight for it lol ).

We headed straight to the play park.

The one thing that really pisses me off about kids parks is that there’s never really much for the little ones,other than the swings that is. There was a long q,it seems all baby’s love the swings.

You really need to keep your wits about you some of those mums and dads are sneaky fuckers they won’t think twice about pushing in.

Well not on my watch matey.

Max loves the swings, I’m mean I always cut his time a little short because I feel bad for the other kids. We really need a park that’s just full of swings.

We took the short walk into the center to get a sarnie frm Greigs for lunch and low and behold it was SHUT. Aparntly there having a bake over (bake over get it).

Back up the steep hill we trudged ( it’s a killer that hill) back to the car back home for lunch.

I’m knackered after all that fresh freezing cold air. Max is going for a nap I’ve decided. Maybe I might have a snooze as well 🙂


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