Sonaline b handheld doppler – review

Before I fell with Max we were cursed with 2 missed misscarriages. My way of extra reassurance was to have lots of private scans (very expensive option) and we invested in a doppler.

A doppler is the device that midwifes use to hear your babies heartbeat. Most perfessionals will tell you that using a doppler of your own back is a really bad idea. The reason for this is that it can be difficult sometimes to locate. The baby is very small and surprisingly very low down (just above the pubic bone). The placenta location can also play a big part on not hearing the heartbeat. Saying that you may also not hear a heartbeat because it’s not there. This can cause immense stress that could have been avoided.

With all that in mind we still went ahead and purchased one.

What the hell we had nothing to lose. We had a look online and decided on the sonaline b. It was  £40.00 from amazon and came with the gel.

When it arrived we realised the package didn’t contain the gel so we used aloe vera as a substitute. 

Let me tell you the doppler kept me sane there’s no other way to explain it.

We schooled up on you tube videos on how to find the heartbeat before we gave it a go. It was a nice bonding exercise for me and Danny.  I think it made him feel more a part of the pregnancy.

We found max’s heartbeat from 10 weeks. It was just the most amazing sound. I was well and truly hooked. We would listen each night untill I started to feel proper movement.

We’ve been using our trusty doppler with this pregnancy. It’s still as magical an experience as ever.  It makes me feel close and connected to my baby.

This time round we found the hb at 8 weeks which is super early. I wouldn’t ever recommend doing it that early in a pregnancy. We have only had one occasion where we couldn’t find the hb. Beleve me it made me feel so sad.

I would absolutely recommend the sonaline . It’s very compact and easy to use. You can’t record but the quality of the product makes up for this.  You can always just film it using your phone.

This was without a doubt the best £40 Danny has ever spent!!!!

*please note I was not sent a sonaline b doppler for review*


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