Hormones are a bitch

These pregnancy hormones are driving me nuts, I’m so up and down I feel like a bloody yo-yo.

Yesterday was a particularly bad day I felt so down in the dumps.  Then I had the weirdest dreams lots of arguing with the hubby then making up (in my dream that is ).

I’ve a while to go yet before it all stables out so till then we’ve got to take the rough with the smooth.

I decided yesterday to drop one of Max’s classes (sing and sign) we were doing 2 classes on a Thursday morning and it’s just to much (for both of us). I feel bad about this because I feel he learns a lot from this class.

This morning were going to attemt to go to a new play group. I hate going into situations like that where you don’t know anyone. Play group mums are usually quite clicky already so wish me luck ☺



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