Mad Max visits the zoo

Here in the UK it’s half term for the kids which means no classes .

Dan took a day off and we went to Colchester zoo with our friends and there kids.

It was a really nice day and we saw loads of animals. It was also sooooo tiring by late afternoon I think we were all sick of seeing animals. That is untill we saw 2 giant turtles having sex -awkward lol

The sun was shining but it was still freezing. A lot of the animals were not in there enclosure which was annoying.

All the kids had a great time. There really is so much for them to do. It was the first time we had taken max to the zoo (he’s gone before just not with us).

The cost of tickets was crazy at £20 per ticket. Once you factor in petrol and food it’s one expensive day.

Max has had a stinking cold and cough since Monday. I made the bad decision of doing housework instead of sleeping on my day off we had a terrible night with Max he was up every couple of hours coughing and crying . Last night he was a little better thank heavens.

We need to get our thinking caps   about our next adventure.





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