The Mad Max Diaries – Entry One

This week I have been poorly and pissed off. Everytime I sneeze and cough it hurts like a mother puker.

Mummy took me to the the place with the old people today to get my chest looked at ( she’s forever saying better safe than sorry). I don’t mind going there’s always some lovely lady to flirt and banter with.

The man with the funny hearing thing checked me all over my ears my mouth and my chest. I was a real good boy mummy doesn’t realise I’m trying to store brownie points for later.

We came home in the car and I had a little nap. I didn’t want one but I had nothing better to do.

When I woke mummy let me play on the trampoline then we had lots of visitors.

I do wish everyone would stop telling me to walk I’m not a bloody puppet.

Once they all went mummy put me down for another nap. I was having a lovely snooze when I must have rolled on the tomlibo she woke me up BEFORE  I was ready. I’ve been  really grumpy since.

I can see mummy cooking my dinner so it looks like things are looking up.

Till next time.

Mad Max






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