Social media bug bears

Social media can be a great tool. Especially if your blogging. Sadly there’s so much about it that gets on my wick. So I thought hey why not make a post of it.

The cons

1. The likes. So I really hate it when I have to see all the crap other people like. I’ve lost count how many wedding and baby pictures I’ve seen that are complete strangers to me.

2. The memes. Ok so some are funny but the other 99 % are just plain annoying.

3. The sharing of random crap. So yesterday I watched a video of a person having there knee cut open because of a blood clot. It was gross but I couldn’t LOOK AWAY.

4.The people who like everything just for the sake of it. Totally unnessescery.

5. The suggested posts. More like the marketing ploy. These really annoy me I always start reading like a dumbass robot till I realise it’s sales.

The pros

1. It’s a great platform for blogging traffic and finding other great blogs.

2. I love seeing pictures and updates from people I actually know (unless there grumbling- yes I’m guilty)

3. It’s a great gossip tool

4. It gives you something to look at when you can’t sleep

So it’s not really all bad


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