First night without max

Last night Max stayed at his nanny’s . It was the first time he’s ever spent the whole night away from me.

Dropping him off and coming home to a empty house was so strange. Watching TV in bed with the door shut minus the glow of the baby monitor was nice.

Not having to wake during the night to a coughing or crying baby was a novelty.

Waking up this morning at 7 when I could sleep till 9 was not as pleasant. They call that sods law I believe!!!

I do miss the little blighter thou after catching up with his nanny I don’t think he misses me.

I’m currently catching up on last night’s telly still in pj’s and thinking about having a 3rd slice of toast (for the baby of course)

Really thou I’m glad he’s having a good time and the suns shining so maybe theyl have a nice day today.


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