Bump watch

Ok so I’m a day late but here it is…… duh duh duh bump watch.



I found these 2 already in my phone . There from Feb so I’m about 17 or 18 weeks here . The bellies started to round out but really it just looks like I’ve eaten one too many cakes.



These are from a week or so ago so I’m 20 weeks and maybe a few days here. It’s crazy how low I carry but I think the bump looks quite neat. To be honest bumps always look better when covered in clothes nobody wants to see my pasty strech mark belly. I’m not really bothering with potions and lotions to kept the skin streching mark free I’m a firm belever of its in the genes if your going to get them then there’s not much you can do about it.


This one was taken this evening so I’m 21 and 1 day. I can really see the difference in this pic and the last one. They are both nighttime pictures (the bumps always bigger at night).

Danny got to feel the baby kicking tonight which is always a nice bonding experience.

Untill next week no more bump pics … Enjoy 🙂


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