What’s the point

I read a blog today on Facebook about the 7 things you shouldn’t do with your blog. The gist was if your not putting the effort in to make it a roaring success then there’s not to much point to blogging.  At least that’s the impression I was left with.

Shortly after reading this post a blogger I follow posted about how she felt her blog had become boring and mundane  (both incorrect).The blogger felt she had become a people pleaser.

Whatever has happened to blogging as being some type of therapy. The freedom to express our opinions whatever they may be.

I read today that the content of posts should be relevant and informative.

Mmmmm that’s the opposite to my posts.I tend to post about whatever I feel which is probably why I don’t have hundreds of followers.

I’m not a professional writer and my blog isn’t my bread and butter (that’s the hubby). I write about things that I love and find intreasting and sure sometimes I think ooooo I won’t write that it might offend. But that’s just me engaging my brain (I’ve not always been so courteous in life ask my family 🙂 )

My point is who cares if my blog is a success if one person wants to read about my life that’s good enough for me.

I mean come one  what parent has the time on their hands for success as well as good parenting.

I’m just trying to survive day to day 🙂 so don’t beat yourself up about followers and stats. That stuff doesn’t matter,speaking from the heart now that’s  life’s real success. 


5 thoughts on “What’s the point

  1. I’m the same, my blog is my diary and I look forward to looking back and remembering the little details of my life when I’m old and grey. I believe you should write for yourself and come what may. Also why I probably don’t have a huge amount of followers!!

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  2. I blog for fun, I dive in and out and yes.. when I dont blog for a long time I feel somewhat awkward about starting up again but I throughly enjoy it.. so does it really matter if no one else does? lol


    • Absolutely. A blogs meant to be fun so you should be free to come and go as you please. I understand there are serious bloggers out there that are in it for the cash but that’s def not me lol

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