Our day

It’s been a lovely spring day today not a rain cloud in sight . We’ve been to class toddler yoga) in which I spent most of chasing Max around. It’s getting harder to keep up with him each week. I swear he’s on a wind up and just loves to see me sweat.

We we went to the park with a mummy friend afterwards. Max is really loving just running around now and exploring. Like most kids he loves the swings. It def makes life easier for me now he can toddle around. The confidence in himself walking is growing everyday I’m thinking soon I may need to invest in some reigns.




The best part of the day was when we came home and max had a nice long 2 hour nap. Trust me this never happens. I managed to fit in lunch and a nap -happy days 🙂


After the epic nap we had some nice cuddles and managed to get some nice pics of the 2 of us (a rareity ). I have millions of pics of max and Danny and max on his own but hardly any of the 2 of us.





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