Tears and tantrums

We had a really good day today. We went to bluewater to visit the lindt bunny.

Max really enjoyed it. His aunt had the important job of counting the bunny’s while max toddled around and crawled through the golden tunnel.

He was a bit crabby at lunch but soon chilled once he had something to eat.





Or not. He did loads of walking home with the new reigns I brought him yesterday.



He even got a balloon when we popped into tesCo.


Once we got home he turned into a tantruming monster. Max isn’t much of a crier but he’s certainly a headbutted,  biter and general throw yourself around-er. I must admit I’m finding the regular kick ins from my toddler a bit of a strain.

I know he doesn’t do any of it on purpose and he must be so frustrated as well as having the pain of a million teeth cutting at once.

But I just can’t wait for him to be my chilled baby boy again. We’ve got a birthday party tomorrow so hopefully he can burn off some energy there πŸ™‚


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