Breast vs bottle who gives a feck

Are we seriously still talking about wether breast is best and formula is the devil’s juice.

This week Jamie Oliver has sparked a whole host of blogging debates over the best way to feed your child. 

Let’s be honest WHO GIVES A FUCK!!!!! I’m sorry to use obscenities but seriously one more boob vs bottle post and I think I will scream.

Who cares how people feed there kids as long as their fed surely that’s all that matters. I bottle fed Max and I’m fine with that. Admitally I will give the ole breast another go with baby number 2 cos you know why not.

So come on let’s put the subject to bed now. Breast or bottle both are ok!!!!

Rant over 🙂


One thought on “Breast vs bottle who gives a feck

  1. Exactly, who gives a fuck as long as the babies are ok that’s the main thing right. Bottle fed all of mine and apart from the general knobbish kid behaviour, they are cool. Not saying bottle is best at all but either way it’s OUR choice X

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