MAM dippers cutlery set and snack box review

Our friends at MAM have been at it again sending us lots of goodies to test and review.

This time it was the dipper fork and spoon and the snack box. 

The cutlery is aimed at 6 month plus babies who are just starting their weaning journey. They weren’t really suited to Max (he’s 16 months old). The handles are way too small for his cubby hands and the spoon and fork were too small for him to really get any food on.

I imagine they will be perfect for a smaller baby and I will defiantly be using  these for baby #2.

When we first received the snack box I throught it would be no good. I throught that the pot would be way to small. In some respects it is but it’s fantastic for holding  fruit. It’s a lovely round  shape,the lid also clips onto the bottom of the pot making it easy for little hands to dip in and out. Sadly max’s hands would get stuck if he attempted this manouvere.

The long and the short of it is that these products were no good really for my boy but will be fantastic for when  we start our weaning journey with little man number 2.

The dipper sets come in 3 different colours blue,pink and green. They retail at £5.25.

The snack pots also come in  the same colours as the dippers and retail at £5.99. I don’t have a dishwasher (this is my job sadly) but the snack pot is dishwasher and freezer friendly.

I have asked MAM if they will ever extend the line to include older toddlers. They aren’t planning on  this any time soon but I really hope this is something they will look into.







Please note we were sent these products to review by MAM but the views are all my own


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