Teaching Max to swim has always been on my to do list.

I think it’s so important that child learn to swim and respect the water. Sadly for us Max’s bout of urine infections mean we’ve not really been able to achieve that goal.

My first throught recently had been to sign him up for lessons at my local leisure center. At a cost of £95.00 for 13 weeks I don’t now think that’s a option. The term will also take me right up to my due day which would mean having to rely on others to take him. I’m just not sure how realistic that is.

So my new bright idea, I’m going to just teach him myself. We’ll go to the pool once a week if possible. Surely Mr Google and Mr you tube can assist. I’m making it my mission!!!

We took Max swimming a few weeks ago and he was quite calm in the water he even kicked his legs a bit.

I’m not a great swimmer and this was probably down to the fact I was a late learner.

Il let you all know how we get on 🙂


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