Today was not a good day

Here’s hoping tomorrow is better.

Today I have been winged and whined at practically all day.

Then daddy takes over and the moaning magicly ceases. My hubby asked me tonight if it annoys me that he has such a good relationship with Max.

Now I love they have a good father son bond I wouldn’t want it any other way. Coming from a single parent family I completely understand the importance.

Do I feel that sometimes I put in the hard graft and he gets the good times and giggles – absolutely!!!

It’s ok thou I get it. I’m the one that tells max no.Im the one that stops him getting stuck under the table.Im the one that basically prohibits him from doing everything a toddler wants to do. Hell if I was max I’d be pissed off with me as well.

It’s days like this where I feel I fail as a mother.

These hormones don’t help my situation.

Its really ok thou today’s nearly over tomorrow’s sure to be a better day 🙂


I can't stay mad at this face 🙂


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