Today was a improvement

On yesterday. Max seemed much happier and we had less tantrums.

He’s a drop and roll kind of a boy along with whingeing. Today he has pulled up a telephone line and got stuck numerous times under the kitchen table.

I’ve been trying really hard to not keep saying no to him but I’m going to be honest it’s really hard.

We had a tantrum in the tub because he didn’t want to get out then another trying to get him in his pj’s.  It’s like having a wrestling match with a midget. This bump of mine doesn’t help much. He just wanted to fling himself around the bed. This wouldn’t be a problem if cracking his head open on the floor wasn’t a option.

Funnily enough thou when daddy came home Max was more intreasted in giving me cuddles. Maybe he read my post yesterday and we have a baby genius on our hands 🙂


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