How to talk to your child 1.01

There’s been a few posts bouncing around  lately who see fit to advise you on how to talk to your child.

It seems the general parenting population needs pointing out that you shouldn’t tell your kid that you don’t love them when there naughty as this can be detrimental to their state of mind.

Well durr surely people are already aware of this (if u have half a brain cell at least). I find these sort of posts so dumb. Just another way for people to tell us how to parent.

My son is my child and to be frank I talk to him how I see appropriate.  When he is naughty I do tell him off. Sometimes I may raise my voice and if he’s done something that can be harmful to himself or others I may even shout. When Max is good he gets a lot of praise. Our house is a very affectionate one with lots if kisses and cuddles.

I try hard not to molly cuddle him but that’s a work in progress (he’l always be my baby boy).

I read these posts with a pinch of salt. Nobody has the right to judge anybodys parenting skills really. Although I’m sure we’ve all been guilty of this at one point or another.

I guess time will tell with Max wether the way I communicate with him has a effect on his wellbeing. I can only hope he turns into a lovely lad who respects and cares first the people around him.


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