Bump watch week 25 (and 6 days)



Yeah yeah the post is late again. I was debating wether to bother this week as I don’t feel I’ve grown much since last week.

I’ve had some pressure in my pelvic aera. I made the huge mistake of looking this up on Google.  Let me tell you Google is not a girls best friend PRE  TERM labour the Internet said go get this checked asap!!!!! Personally I didn’t think it was pre term but I had successfully freaked myself out. The drs kindly saw me the same day and confirmed it’s just baby’s position which causes the pressure. I’ve been using my dream genie pillow again and it helps a lot.

Other that that it’s just the normal tiredness. The baby’s moving with more regularity and I’ve actually seen the movement  on the outside which is brilliant. 

Max has been quite clingy this week. Maybe he realises now there’s something going on. We do talk about the baby but I’m not sure how much he understands.


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