Naps and why my boy needs them

Max has on average 2 naps a day for roughly an hour each time. Sometimes we have days like today where he’s had a late nap (epic fail) and I had to wake him for dinner.

This results in a stroppy overtired toddler who will tantrum at the drop of a hat. I’ve put him to bed at the normal time mainly to be honest because I’ve had enough. So that’s resulted in 45 minutes of crying and screaming. Max is still at it now I think he’s trying to outdo himself.

Naturally I do not like hearing my baby cry and yes I’ve been in twice and his dad once. But at the end of the day the kids got to sleep. There is absolutely  of point in him being up now.

How long will this go on, who knows. Hopefully not to long now.

To me this is prime example of why he needs to sleep during the day. I’m not looking forward to when we have a screaming baby and toddler. I may have to just create a hidey hole under the stairs. 

Not a great way to end the weekend:(


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