The past few nights a have been a absolute nightmare for us and Max.

He’s usually a great sleeper but that seems to all have changed this week.

He goes to bed at 7 pm. This may seem early to some parents and I hate to say it but but 6.30 I’ve had enough. I want to eat my dinner and relax for a bit 

Max always seems to want to wake at least once between 7 and midnight. Were sooooo weak we usually go into him give him a cuddle and he goes back off. This is a really bad habit we’ve gotten ourselves into one we desperately need to break.

Monday night was the worse night for a while he woke about one and wouldn’t stop crying. Sometimes if we don’t go in he self settles but on Monday he wasn’t having any of it. Tensions were running high on our sleep deprived household so I just took him for cuddles downstairs.

As soon as he was picked up he fell asleep on my shoulder but everytime I’d put him down he’d wake up. Arrrgggh it was very frustrating.  So downstairs we went. I tried laying him on my chest but the weight on my bump was affecting  my ability to breathe 🙂 so I decided to make a makeshift bed on the front room floor from the cushions on the sofa. No easy feat one handed while holding a sleeping baby in the pitch black of night 

This worked untill about 3 am where I decided I’d had enough and back to bed we both went.

Last night was a repeat he cried and cried and cried so in I went. That didn’t do any good and eventually the hubby went in and managed to settle him (so annoying when that happens haha)

So today were trying something new. I’m cutting out the afternoon nap (this is devastating for me)to see if this is affecting his sleep. I tried to put him down at 11am but he just cried for 40 minutes so I got him up. We manged to get 45 mins out if him early afternoon and that’s it now till bedtime.

So far he seems ok but we’ll see come 5 pm.

This post may seem really boring to some of you but I know it’s nice for other parents to know there not alone in the struggle to get your toddler to sleep through.


3 thoughts on “Sleeping

  1. We had this with the bear and decided to try out a big girl bed in place of her cot and it worked!! I wasn’t ready for her to go into a bed bit it seems she was. It also means if this happens we just hop in next to her for 5 minutes while she drifts back off and then just get out when she’s asleep without disturbing her. Maybe a thought….


    • We’re in the process of sorting his new room for when the baby comes in July. Then hel be in a bed. He still seems so small for it lol I was sorting thru some newborn bits today and it’s crazy to think he was ever that small. What will be the age gap between your 2 in July?


      • 22 months….eek!! The bear is 18 months at the moment so I’m just focusing on the amazing relationship they’ll have rather than the chaos!! X


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