Week 1

Today’s self taught lesson went well. We were in the pool for about 25 minutes at which point we were both pruning.

At first max was a bit clingy he just wanted cuddles and to rest his head on my shoulder. After a few laps around the pool he relaxed a little.

I wasn’t expecting any miracles. He did a little kicking but not much.

He seems to be a fan of lieing on his back. He also loved the reflection  of the water on the celing.

The main accomplishment of the day was definitely when he let me dunk his whole head under water not once but twice and he didn’t cry. I made sure I was talking to him  the whole time to try and make him feel at ease.

We left the pool feeling shattered and he had a power nap when we got back.

The plan of action is to go again next sat although this time I’m dragging his aunt with me it was quite exhausting on my own. I want to get him nice and comfortable in the water. Eventually I might invest in a flotation paddle bored time device or maybe some arm bands.

It’s going to be a long gone old slog to get him swimming but with a lot of patience and determination I have faith he can do it.



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