MAM 12 month + sports cup

Our friends at MAM recently sent us a new cup to test and review.


The cup is aimed at an age range of 12 months plus. Unlike Max’s other tommee tippee sports cup (which is a pile of rubbish) this one has a flow valve which basically means Max won’t get covered in juice every time he takes a swig.

One of the great features of all MAM cups and beakers is that they are all completely interchangeable, thou this is not a feature I would use.

I was presently surprised to find the cup was green and not blue. To be honest I get slightly sick of the pink for girls and blue for boys.


The bottle is large but Max had no problems holding it. In fact it’s been a big hit with him, Β he drank 2 cups full of juice as soon as we received it in the post.

I find nearly all of Max’s cups and beakers leak which is sooooo annoying. This one keeps leakage to a minimum. A word of warning thou, the cup needs to be kept upright in transit with the lid on. Otherwise when you take the lid off you will end up with a wet sleeve as I did today.

The sports cup was dropped today from approx high-chair height and the lid stayed firm.

The cup costs Β£5.99 which I do find slightly steep, however I always say you buy cheap you buy twice.



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