Max in a million

Lately a lot of my posts seem to be based around Max and he’s behaviour. 

Yes he is turning into a monster who will have a meltdown over the smallest thing but he is also one of the kindest ,loving funny and very affectionate kid I know, Of course I’m totally biased as he is my son.

Max has always been around other babies. I started taking him to classes when he was 5 weeks old (massage and yoga). This I beleve has helped with his development and social skills. We still go to a class for toddlers once a week but we also tend to stop in on more playgroup type of activities and as of very recently swimming.

With children you really do get back what you put in. If you just do the same thing everyday and fail to stimulate your child’s brain they will get bored and act out. If you are constantly dumping them on others they will start to disassociate themselves from you ( well that’s my opinion anyway). Not that we don’t all need a break every now and again I know I do.

Max was such a good baby,we really were very lucky. He was really chilled out and calm. I think a lot of that is down to his environment. We lead very drama free lives and our home is very calm (most of the time). This had a impact on Max growing up. 

Everyday Max changes and progresses and thou it’s sad to see my baby not being a baby it really is a pleasure to watch. I never really felt I achieved much in my life but my son is defiantly my greatest achievement. 

If we get so lucky with the next baby boy then that will be amazing. He sure has a lot to live up to 🙂






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