Week 27 (and 2 days)


Hello week 27 where did you spring up from. The handy email I receive weekly tells me that if my baby were born now he’d have a good chance of survival. I think this boy needs to spend a few many more weeks cooking before gracing us with an appearance.  Were in no way ready for him to show up yet. We don’t need much on the way of material things but the important stuff we do need we don’t have yet.

We’ve decided not to go down the double buggy route (yes I know the throught of not having a double let buggy is horrifying) were going to invest in a decent sling (the nct close caboo) and maybe the buggy board with a  seat.

Things were so different when I was pregnant last time. We had 2 wages and then a couple of months of half decent pay before maternity kicked in. This time we have 1 wage and no maternity pay so it’s defiantly a balancing act trying to get the bits we really need. 

I’ve got a midwife appt on weds the first in ages (they don’t really bother with you second time do they) and shel finally measure my belly. I remember with Max they started measuring at about 16-20 weeks. It’s funny how much can change in the maternity world in just 17 short months.

Anyway that’s enough rambling from me for one night. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday  🙂


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