Warning… hormonal woman posting

Yesterday I felt annoyed,angry and down right pissed off. Today I’ve woken up and it’s not gone away.

That’s right I’m a hormonal bitch right now so read on with caution!!!!!!!

I find most things are just bugging the hell out off me. Bloody pregnancy hormones!!!! Here’s a snippet of why I have the Ross sandwich rage:

I’m feeling really down about babies movement he doesn’t really have a pattern which worries me.

I’m stressed that I don’t really have anything ready for this new baby.

I’m iratated that people just expect me and my family to just go to them for a visit because that’s “easier” for them.

I’m annoyed that a certain person hasn’t even bothered asking how were coping or even a hello.

I’m frustrated at people who greatly exaggerate every little thing.

I’ve had a headache the past few days and that’s pissed me off (totally self induced)

I could go on but for your sake I won’t. 

Please please please tell me I’m not the only one with the rage!!!!!!


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