The afternoon I lost my shit

This morning got started off relatively ok. Max had his morning bottle and nappy change at about 6 ish then he slept/played in his cot till about 8.30.

We had midwife at 9.45 do it was breakfast clothes and out the door by 9.30.

Breakie was intreasting I usually feed Max weetabix cos it’s so bloody messy but I’m really trying to get out of the habit. Max switched it up using both his hand and a spoon to get the cement in his mush.

The midwife went well apart from  Max crying when I had to do my urine sample.  When the midwife had me on the bed to measure my belly and listen to baby on the doppler I had to hold his hand to keep him calm. The nurse then took my bloods and he just lost the plot. It was all a bit to much for my poor bubba.

I would like to say we had a quick trip in the shops after to pick up some basics and get the boy a little treat but let’s be honest Max was walking (reinless I might add) there was nothing quick about it. We nearly had a catrosphoe with some eggs but I got down there in just the nick of time.

Once home baby boy went down for the nap he so needed and mummy had a hot chocolate and some chocolate digestives which she so needed.

After lunch we had a pleasant time playing in the garden, thou Max didn’t quite understand that stones aren’t food. Then we went to the park.

It all sounds lovely I hear you say . It wasn’t destined to last. I told Max no he couldn’t play with my phone. This resulted in 3 hours of meltdown. We had headbutting,crying,whinging. At one point he tore my glasses from my face. The continuous trying to hit the TV was the final straw and I’m sad to say I did shout at him (there may have been a swear word in there as well).

Come 6 I’d had enough I was ready to just put him to bed an hour early.

I decided to try a bath instead by which time his dad had come home and took over. Thank the Lord. Of course at that point max turnt back into cute angel child making me look a fool.

Bloody kids they drive you barmy!!! Please tell me I’m not the only one to have lost her shit in this way 🙂




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