You may have noticed

That the past few days have been a bit up and down for me and Max. Especially it seems in the afternoon. I know why he’s being a sod it’s because he’s tired. I need to find a balance between Max getting the sleep he needs during the day and sleeping well at night. Let’s not kid ourselves were not at out best if we are sleep deprived.

Max is a good kid il point out, 90%of the time he is actually a well behaved toddler. He also only tends to be on the naughty side with me which I prefer.  His social skills are excellant and he is so affectionate.

I don’t however want my blog to be just about the good side to parenting because in real life parenting is about the ups and downs.

I’m with my boy 24/7 7 days a week (with the odd day off when he spends the day with nanny and granddad). I’m not a drop off parent. He is my son, my responsibility nobody else’s (apart from  his fathers).

Am I a good parent is something I ask myself regularly. I think the answer is time will tell. I just have to make sure I help Max in as many ways as I can.To not ever hold back his development bit to encourage and praise where needed. He leads a happy life with a mother and father who love him.

Of course were going to have days like yesterday afternoon after all were only human.


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