Swimming-week 2

Today I took Max swimming again. This time I enlisted the help of his aunt as I found it a slight tiring struggle last week  going on our own.

He was pretty much the same at first as he was at the start last week. Very clingy resting his head on my shoulder etc (I suspect  now he may have been coming down with something as he’s in bed now with a slight temp). After some time he got into the swing of things. We enjoyed some splashing and dunking which he loved. The kicking of the legs still isn’t there yet which is slightly frustrating. We participated in lots of bobbing up and down.

Max was quite content at one point to just watch the other kids swimming and splashing around.

I think I may invest in a pair of armbands and maybe a flotation device and see how he gets on with that.

It is slightly disheartening obviously I want him kicking those legs and making progress. Part of me feels guilty that I’ve left it to late to teach him. In fairness he couldn’t really go in the pool when  he was having recurring urine infections.

Getting changed in a tiny cubicle (all the family ones were taken) was intreasting. When I say intreasting I mean a bloody nightmare. There’s barley enough room to swing a cat let alone both of us get dry and dressed. 

One thing I will say thou is that if you have trouble getting your baby to nap take them swimming,he was sparko as soon as we got home.

I’ve a feeling this swimming malarkey will be a bit of a long slog with Max. I’m not a swimming instructor so it’s all new to me as well.

Anyone have any tips about how I can get him kicking those pins please share. We need all the help we can get.


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