Bad habits

Last night marked the second night Max has slept in bed with me and Danny has slept on the sofa in the games room (lucky sod).

Max never used to settle in bed with us but it seems he’s got a taste for the luxury of a double bed.

He has been poorly so I’ve not minded him being in with us. This morning he seems on the mend so it’s back to his own bed tonight (wether he wants to or not).

I have never really been pro Co sleeping. I beleve this is dangerous with small babies because of the time
risk of squashing them or suffocation (that’s just my opinion).

I find I dont sleep as well when Max is in with me. Right now I need all the sleep I can get before baby number 2 turns up.

I can understand why he would rather be in my bed than he’s cot,I’d choose my bed as well. Roll on his big room being sorted then he can go in his toddler bed.






3 thoughts on “Bad habits

  1. The bear went into her big girl bed (full sized single day bed) at 16 months and we’ve never looked back as although she’s still not a great sleeper, she does so much better now. Good luck for tonight!!


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