Nearly the weekend

I love the weekend.

The extra help is so needed by the time Friday swings around. This weekends a Brucie bonus being a bank holiday. Back in my working days bank holidays were like magic dust. The extra day off work was something I really looked forward to (mainly because I hated my job)

Being a stay at home mum bank holidays mean something completely different. They just mean a whole extra day with Max’s daddy yayyyy.

We usually spend Saturday going out for lunch with Max’s aunt a much needed treat for me and bump.

Dans been focusing on trying to get max’s big boy room ready before the new baby arrives. We really want him to have the chance to get used to the new room and a big boy bed (you know before he’s evicted from his room). It’s a big job but we’re getting there.

Max is really coming along. He’s starting to try and jump which is very funny to watch.  His speech is progressing and he really is trying to put sounds to words. We’ve had a few tantrums but every kid has good days and bad 🙂

What are you up to this bank holiday.


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