Ooo ooooo here comes the rage

You must be sick of hearing me moan about my hormones (don’t worry I’m sick of talking about them) but they just seem to give me such a rage.

I’m not sure really if it is pregnancy or just things in general that are giving me the humpback.  Here’s a few gems from this week:

Non parents parking in mother and baby spots-
I must have seen a million people post about this and I always chuckled to myself because up to now it’s never bothered me. Well yesterday that all changed. Picture the scene it’s food shopping day you have your toddler in tow and your exhausted from being pregnant. Your at aldi it’s packed the spaces are quite small and your a shit parker at the best of times. You cruise around the corner to see if today youl get lucky, you spot someone pulling into the coveted spot . Said person gets out of her car but alas she seems to have  forgotten her child. Que the death stare.

Roundabout incidents

We had 2 yesterday.  The first was a learner practically stopping in the middle of the roundabout. Admittedly this isn’t something to get angry about I stalled in the middle of a rough dab out before it wasn’t a fun experience. The second was a woman who had decided that the rules don’t apply to her and she can just pull out when she feels like it. Again we’ve all done it but I have to admit I did use my horn.

Drop off parents

I can never understand why people have kids then just dump them on the grandparents. I had a bit of a meltdown this week (I bawled like a good un) and the reason ….. I was just so freaking tired. I’m trying really hard to keep things normal with Max and I find it hard asking for help. Il drop hints and if you don’t get them il just get on with it,I’m stubborn like that.

Anyway that’s enough moaning for one day. The suns shining  (for now) and max is being good so il just take 5 minutes to myself 🙂


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