Stay at home mummy perks

There are some perks to being a stay at home mum. Obviously the biggest being able to raise my son and not have to depend on others and to see him change and grow.

The other fantastic perk has to be the tan in the summer. It’s shallow of me to mention this I know but having worked in a office for 8 years (and not really bothering with fake tan) I was a bit pasty looking. Last summer I had the best tan of my life. I spent most of the summer in shorts meeting up with the mummys at the park it was glorious.

This week we seem to be having a heat wave in the UK (whoop whoop) and after one afternoon in the garden the tans off to a fab start.

I do feel like a fat heffalump at the moment but a bit of colour in my cheeks makes me look and feel a million times better.

So if your in the UK enjoy the sunshine no doubt next week itl be snowing.


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