The day we went for a walk in the woods

With summer fast approaching I had seen so many posts on social media of people taking their kids for lovely walks in the woods.

Well I throught I want a peice of that (I obviously forgot that woodland is often not flat or at least the woods near me arent)

So last week my sister and nephew come over to play,let’s go to the woods I suggested. There’s a lovely picnic aera with a carved wooden plane where the boys can run around.

Off we set. Turns out I don’t remember my woods as well as I throught I did. Somewhere along the line we took a wrong turning and ended up lost. Google maps wasn’t the best if help if I’m honest but ultimately my sense of direction is shocking. I should not have been in charge of navigation and should never be left with this responsibility. 

2 hours it took for us to find our way out. My poor nephew was walking at first he was enjoying the adventure but as we neared the end he was exhausted  as was I a heavily pregnant lady pushing  a 2 stone bubba in a trike.

Also I have to big up my smart trike it lasted the course up and down countless stoney hills and through mud and all sorts (these views are my own and are not endorsed by smart trike).

The funnest part of the walk was when I had to wee. I was desperate and to be fair I’m pregnant which makes it ok. So as I’m trying so hard to balance my bump and not fall amongst the sticks and encircling red ants, I have my nephew asking me what I was doing. It was a real comedy moment. See even in the woods I cannot wee alone. 

Once we stumbled upon other people who could direct us out we were soon on our way.

We were so exhausted by the time we got home. Fair to say myself and Max slept soundly that night.





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