Bump watch – week 30

So I’ve not been keeping up with these bump posts. I just wasn’t sure if you guys were finding them cringey maybe you don’t want to see pictures of my belly or to hear about my pregnancy woes. Who cares I throught to myself this is likely to be my last pregnancy and if I want to document it then that’s up to me. If people don’t want to read then don’t read. There I’ve said it and now I feel a bit better 🙂

So here we are at week 30 and I have to wonder where the hell has time gone. Were on official countdown there’s still so much to sort out.

Max’s room is coming along,the first coat of paints gone on the wall. So hopefully by the end of may wel be ready to search for carpet, curtains and a lamp shade.  Then the big bed can go up (the bolts arrived must remember not to throw them away).



I’m starting to struggle a bit now and breathings sometimes a bit heavy. I’ve had the normal pain in the pelvis aera (I suspect this to be mild spd). I’m noticing my ankles and hands are swollen.

Only 10 more weeks to go or 8 if he’s like max. I’m going to try and enjoy it.


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