The countdown begins

With less than 10 weeks till baby boy number 2 makes his arrival shit really is getting real.

I’ve started nesting  (as much as you can with a toddler running amok). The first stage being to wash all babies clothes. There so tiny it’s so strange seeing newborn clothes again. It really reminds me of when Max was born.

Were really looking forward to becoming a family of 4. I’ve been thinking a bit about labour (now I know what it’s really like). The idea of the pain of labour doesn’t frighten me more the idea of something going wrong. I think it’s a natural thing to worry about.

This second pregnancy has been so different to my last. I feel bad that we haven’t had a 3d scan like we did with Max at 28 weeks and that we more than likely won’t be having a newborn photo shoot like we did before.

One thing that isn’t different is the love I feel for my unborn son,yes it’s different to the live I felt for Max but it’s just as strong.


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