What with all the lovely weather we had at the weekend I throught it would be a great time for Max to do some painting in the garden. Right there was my first mistake paintings never a good idea unless your doing it at someone else’s house.

I tried to be as organised as I could be. I had a topper ware box filled with water for hands and brushes and a towel to get any mess.


It was going quite well and Max seemed to be enjoying himself. I got slightly caught up in the moment and let him paint himself. This was the end result.


It’s ok I throught il just chuck him in the tub.
Mmmmm now where do I put him while I run the bath. He had free run of he bathroom untill the bath was ready (epic fail now there’s paint all over the sink and bath).

I chucked him in the water and the bloody paint wouldn’t come off. I won’t lie I was panicking by this time. Thankfully the majority came off and we’re working on the rest.

Fair to say painting is a 2 man job one I won’t be trying on my own for a bit.



We did get some half decent prints for the fridge 🙂


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