Blogging awards – why I’m not keen

I’ve come across a few posts about how bloggers have been nominated for blogging awards and I have to say I don’t think I’m keen on the concept.   It just reminds me a little of school you know like I’m popular so therefore have more entitlement than you type of thing. I’m probably explaining it all wrong I’m not up for a blog award,maybe I’m jealous.

I blog because I like to write about crap that intreasts me,mainly baby stuff and having a good old fashioned whinge. If people read the post and enjoy it them happy days.

Have I got it all wrong should it be about winning awards and putting the blog out there more (I haven’t ever even done a linky before *gasps*).

If you are up for a award then good on you whatever floats your boat and all that.

So anyway happy Thursday:)


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