Bump watch- week 31 (and 4 days)



Week 31 holy cow!!!! We’re on the real countdown down which il be honest scares the crap out of me. I keep thinking about my last labour and what I want to do differently this time.

With my last pregnancy I had a bog standard lying down legs in stir -ups (I’ve prob spelt that wrong) but this time I’m thinking I would like to try a water birth. I’ve also been looking into hypnobirthing.

Max’s room is almost finished which is easing a bit of my anxiety. I’ve also decided that I really want to give breastfeeding a go. I’m nervous about how that’s going to work what with already having a child so we shall see.

I’m starting to feel really tired again despite taking iron tablets and sleepings become a little uncomfortable .I find il wake at silly o clock and then it takes ages to get back to sleep.

My pelvic pain has eased a bit which is fantastic. Picking Max up is a bit difficult, a mixture of his weight and my bump.

I’m really going to try and just enjoy the last 9 weeks of my pregnancy as this may be the last.


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