This time around I really do want to breastfeed. I’m not 100% sure how this will work already having a toddler and if il be able to even do it but I’m really determined to give it a try.

With Max we really wanted to breastfeed but I had trouble latching him on. The midwifes at the hospital weren’t really much help. Being a first time mum I had no clue about getting support and my health visitor didn’t really push the issue. Once max was on the formula it was just simpler to carry on feeding this way. I still tried to encourage max to take my boob and we did a lot of skin to skin. I ended up pumping for 2 weeks but I just couldn’t keep it up, I’d pump for a hour and get a Oz or 2 if i was lucky.It was very disheartening.

This time I’m arming myself with knowledge. I feel I’m a little wiser than I was before and I’m not taking any shit from anyone. I’ve been to a breastfeeding group and had a chat with a health visitor which was a good start. I’ve been on the net reading up about feeding and different positions. The only thing that’s really disappointed me in a group on Facebook,supposedly a support group for breastfeeding mums.

I’m not going to sugar coat it some of these women are bitches.Most of them are totally anti bottle feeding. I get the feeling they feel they are far superior than formula mums. In fact one of the mums posted a meme all about how #fedisnotbest and that breastfeeding matters like what the heck.

I’m really not surprised that there is such a strong divide against both camps. It’s not nice to feel like your not part of some elite group because you couldn’t or chose not to breastfeed.

I’m hoping this is just a social media mentality as I’ve not really encountered this yet in the “real world”.

Well have to wait and see if I’m able to breastfeed this time if u do then great but if I can’t that’s also fine.


2 thoughts on “Breastfeeding

  1. As someone who has bottle fed (daughter would not latch at all) and breastfed (my son is now 8 months and we’re still breastfeeding, even though I’m back to work full time), I just wanted to say that even if you’re first wasn’t successful, don’t be to stressed out that it won’t happen again. My daughter and son we’re so so different!! The key to success is pure determination, something which I seriously lacked after my traumatic birth with my daughter, and a very good support network. Sounds like you’re doing the right thing attending breastfeeding groups, I had an amazing HV who really helped me and boosted my confidence. In fact my son liked the boob so much that when I had to return to work when he was six months he was struggling to take the bottle!!! Also try and get your partner clued up on breastfeeding too, he really helped me in those early days of pure pain of cracked nipples etc. Good luck with your journey xxx


    • Thanks that’s pretty much what the hv said it’s all about determination and commitment. This time round i feel il have a better support network because I know more mummys that have breastfeed than I did when I first had max. Thanks for commenting:)


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