I’ve been missing without official leave from my blog these few days, the reason why, one word MAX.

Yep the little sod threw my phone for the last time and now the screen doesn’t work. Its in the shop I’m hoping to have it back tomorrow. The moral of the story here is don’t let your toddler play with your phone (something else i always said I wouldn’t let Max do). Sometimes i just need 5 minutes of peace so we do what we must.

It’s a really bad time for me to be phoneless. I’ve been paranoid that i’ll go into labour with no way of contacting anyone. I do all my blogging on my phone which is why I’ve been very quiet on here.

You haven’t really missed much to be fair. Sunday morning we went swimming which was great fun till Max decided that he didn’t like me any more and only wanted Daddy. I want to say that’s ok but i was a little peeved to be honest.

We had a hospital appointment for Max yesterday as we had noticed sometime ago that his left eye slightly turns in sometimes. The appointment went as well as can be expected and it turns out he needs glasses. Its going to be fun and games getting him to wear them but it’ll be much harder for him if he has a dodgy eye later in life. He was so well behaved during the appointment (thank heavens) so we went bluewater after and treated him to a chickadee soft toy (twirly woos). It lasted 10 minutes before he had dropped it on the floor 🙂

The glasses should be here in a week or so. Were not really up to much this week. I can feel a cold coming on so it’s going to be lots of playing indoors sadly. Next week were crazy busy with appointments for both Max and me (it’s just never ending).

I will do a bump watch update when I have my phone back.

Enjoy your week.


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