Max Update

Can you believe I still don’t have my phone back. This is week 3, WEEK THREE I’m on the verge of a breakdown can you tell :).

Samsung have basically given up trying to fix the screen and have instead offered me a new one, which is great but ….. they have the most longest process of getting a new phone out. Its pretty ridiculous when you think we could just walk into a store and pick one up.I think it’s a case of poor communication between one department and another.

Being phoneless is driving me nuts.My whole life is on that device, which when you think about it is pretty sad. What did we do before smartphones and I have to say I don’t know. 

Don’t you feel liberated my husband asked me in week 1, no I feel lost was my honest answer. This morning I’ve decided to get on the PC and get a few posts out.I’ve worked hard on this blog over the year and I don’t want it all going to waste now.

So bare with me the posts will be a bit thin on the ground but once I get the beloved smartphone back you’ll be hearing much more from me ( yayyyy I hear you cheer).

I really want to do a post about Max. My blog started as homage to the mad one and how he has changed my life. He still is very much my main focus but what with baby number 2 on the way and a few rants sometimes his progress report slips to the wayside.

Max is 19 months now (amazes me how quickly time has flown) and a real cheeky chappy (chappy being a polite way of saying sod). He achieves so much each day. When your babies are little babies every new milestone seems so huge. The first smile, laugh,roll,crawl,walk everything is so momentous. Once they get a bit bigger the milestones are still just as a big deal but are slightly smaller if that makes sense (which i’m aware it probably doesn’t). Let’s break them down :

Walking :

As most of you know Max started walking at around 15 months. To some this is a little late but to us he walked exactly when he was supposed to. Were encouraging him to walk when we go out places (though this often takes ten times longer because he has a obsession with cars and window displays) he is the proud owner of his own set of reins. They really are the best invention although sometimes I do feel like i’m walking a dog. Recently he’s added running and jumping to the walking skill set which is always funny to watch.


This child definitely takes after me in the respect that he is a chatterbox. He doesn’t stop talking.Easily 90% of the time we have no clue what he’s saying but we nod, smile and join in the conversation which seems to please him. When he makes noises we don’t make the noise back. The idea being we want to engage him with words not sounds. The word catalogue is getting pretty extensive the most recent being “apple” “Up and Down” “a ball” and ” goal”. Hes a prize mimicker and will try to repeat anything i ask him to.


Sadly it’s not all fun and games in our house, the tantrums are still occurring. They do tend to change shape though. We’re seeing less head banging (which is nice for me) but we still have a lot of drop and roll. He is having tantrums at the drop of a hat. Mainly if you tell him now or try to take him away from something he was doing (like trying to get him to have his nappy changed when he’s playing). I try really hard not to be a mean shouty mum but sometimes its hard not to be. I try and catch his attention and lure him away from his toys. More often than not this doesn’t work and I resort to pick him up which is when all hell breaks loose. The tantrums are here to stay for a few years yet there just a part of kids growing up. Hormonal me feels a bit sad lately like the tantrums are my fault but sensible me knows in the back of my head that really they are not.

Overall Max is a good kid who has his moments.

In six weeks his life is going to change all over again and it makes me nervous that I can’t predict how he is going to adapt to that. We’re just going to have to roll with the punches on that one.








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