Bump watch- week 35



Here we are in week 35 and I can safely say the time is just flying by. My last pregnancy seemed to really drag but this one’s going so fast. Makes me a little sad as we don’t know if I’ll be pregnant again but I’m getting to the stage now where I’m feeling a little over being pregnant.

This pregnancy has really taken its toll on my body. Mainly this prob has to do with my age and fitness level. I’m much larger than I was with Max, I had one occasion where my ankle gave out on me and another incident a few weeks ago where I fell down the stairs . I really feel the weight on my back and sleeping and getting comfy at night is becoming tricky.

My due dates in 5 weeks but if this one’s anything like the last then this baby could be here in as little as 3. We’ve still so much to do so this time frame scares me a little.

Baby’s movements are pretty crazy now we’re seeing limbs sticking out of my belly, occasionly it causes a bit of pain.  I’ll take this over non movement any day of the week.

I have midwife again next week,I think we’ll be discussing birth plans. There’s no point in having one I didn’t with max. The one thing I’d like to try this time is a water birth but we’ll have to see how that pans out.


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