Hypochondriac or concerned mother

Max had his first hospital trip when he was just 3 months with a urine infection. I can honestly say it was the scariest experience of my life. We had another 2 stays in the following 6 months to the first.

I don’t know if these experiences made me extra cautious when it came to Max being poorly. I think it probably did.

I’m that mum that will take my baby to the Dr’s if he has a bad cough or a high temperature. I’m that mum that will go to A and E without a seconds throught if I feel my son is that Ill. 

My intuition has been pretty spot on the past 19 months. I think as mothers we know whats serious and what’s not. If we’re in any doubt take the baby in that’s what I say.

As times gone on I find I do go to the Dr’s a lot less than in the early days,maybe I’m getting better at picking up the signs.

I think the whole point to my post is trust your instinct if something doesn’t feel right it usually isn’t. Hospitals and Dr’s are there to help,it’s a service we pay for in taxes (or in my case as a stay at home mum paid for) don’t be afraid to use it.


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