The birthday party

Last night we were celebrating at my best friends 30th birthday party.

I was very impressed with the fact I had everyone fed,bathed, dressed and out the door by 7 pm (yes I’m bigging up my super mum powers)

The party was good fun but let me tell you a party with a toddler and being 8 months pregnant is definitely NOT the same as a party without kids or pregnancy. For a start I didn’t get drunk so there was no dancing or crazy antics.

Most of the night was spent stopping Max from falling down the only 3 steps in the joint, trying to climb up on the stage or doing a runner out the main door. 

At one point he realised there were balloons and he had about 20 minutes of him playing with those. 


The hubby helped but come 10.30 pm I was exhausted. I don’t get  out often so I was torn between wanting to curl up under the table for a nap and wanting to stay till the merry end.

Max had a bit of a unsettled night,probably overtired. Im hoping tonight he will sleep like a log.

Today were all knackered. I feel like I have the tiredness of a hangover without any of the fun.




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